Truth and Worldview

Every truth is a reality check. And I recognize that many of us want the reality to be reflected in our worldviews correctly, to be true to the subject matter. Why do we need this? Well, there are number of individuals who feel very uneasy when their world’s picture becomes inconsistent. They, we, say “This does not make sense.” This is a statement about some piece not fitting into the model of the world we built.

Secondly, if you are active and pursue certain goals, you have to act. Truths are your map to the destination. If the map misrepresents, lies to you who is actively using it for guidance, you will end up in the wrong place. We call it failure.

So the answer is – truths constitute the world that makes sense which we can successfully manage by acting on it.

Make no mistake: there are people who do not mind seeing their worlds with contradictions and who set no goals they want to achieve.

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