How We Create a Reality by Experiencing It

Try to observe how you experience the reality. Be honest and attentive to the process. Typically, the immediate product of experiencing is verbal – words, statements and stories that reflect the reality. Sometimes, it is difficult to select a verbal expression to convey an experience. Moreover, a similar object or situation tend to be perceived differently depending on your state of psyche. Two people speaking the same language, belonging to the same culture, being seemingly in the same state of mind but having markedly different life experiences will often interpret identical objects differently. Unintentionally.

Languages (e.g. the Sapir-Whorf linguistic relativity), cultures (e.g. the Aymara concept of time), accumulated experiences (seasoned-vs-rookie) and other factors fundamentally (if not totally) condition our interpretations of the reality. The reality is real until the moment we interpret it. Even the power of interpretation is dependent on how often and with what medium we interpret. The personality which is the product of such factors shapes – “creates” – the reality in her or his interpretations. Inevitably.

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