the project’s history

It all started when we moved in our new home in a suburb of Jacksonville, FL. The art for interior design was and is expensive, dull and common place. I had a prosumer camera and a load of power tools in the garage to do the entire decoration from start to finish myself. I went out to shoot architecture, people, scenic locations, and portraits. Soon there was a trove of nice images that looked far better than the cheesy mass consumption art. And they were original. Done. Solved. My home got decorated and gave the family a unique and memorable environment.

Then I asked myself “Is there anyone else out there trying to make their home look nice?”. Of course, there were folks which might find my images appealing to decorate their walls and valuable enough to purchase – DIY enthusiasts, designers, decorators … I decided to offer this resource to a greater audience than my family and friends. And it took off. Some people bought the prints to make their homes elegant and personal; some gave them away as gifts; others decorated their offices. There is always a place and a purpose for art.

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